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‘I got sick of this crap, of the music for a while, bored of it,’ she admits. ‘I was in the middle of the Galleries Lafayette buying a new outfit after I lost my baggage off the plane. Keep me away from ’ These days, Estelle is busy having ‘cabbie wars’ in Brooklyn, where she moved in early 2007. On a more serious note though, why did she turn her back on the UK?

Living abroad has worked wonders for her self-confidence, but she hasn't started talking with a mid-Atlantic twang just yet. Estelle's creative partnership with Legend, a key player in American R&B, came about after a chance meeting in an LA restaurant.I went through those experiences with guys - hence I’m single – and I thought I probably shouldn’t have done those things, but it’s the realest body of work.This is me - I can’t even and won’t entertain anything else,’ she smiles, before racing out of the room to catch her train back to London.(Estelle is) her mother's daughter I'm proud, she's legendary.Every single song has a real-life situation attached to it – I’m scared a boy is gonna come and sue me pretty soon!

I went through a lot and I put it in that album.’ Dance, motown, soul, and the zouk and reggae that her Senegalese mum and Grenadian stepfather played in the house are her main influences in a record which she promises is ‘real talk, no preaching.

‘I am out there performing to girls and guys who relate and know what I am talking about on , released on 31 March - ed). Too much effort goes into pretending, let’s just start there, it’s too much.’She is doing well now though - the words ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ keep cropping up when we talk about her move to the US.