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Well not all of them because Winona ends up dating Ben.

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I was definitely playing a lot of music festivals and South By Southwest, there was interest from some music executives, but I still had a temp job. We had met through a mutual friend who I had gone to college with and was in a movie with him around that time, .We wrote that song together, which, at first, was a challenge.But in the end, I was very proud that we finished up that song.We were all hanging out together in this group of friends, musicians and playwrights.

I wrote music for Ethan's theater company, there were actors, too, all kinds of artists. Along the way, he asked me for a copy of my song "Stay," which I used to play in clubs in New York.

So despite my normal process, which is to take a little bit more time and spend a more time planning, I went ahead and said, "Yes, let's do it!

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    With ‘Stay,’ Lisa Loeb taught a generation how screwed-up love really is. Lisa Loeb doesn’t own “Stay. Kudos to Ethan Hawke.…
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    Loeb's big break came through her friendship with actor Ethan Hawke, 18 who lived in an apartment across the street from her in New York City.…