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However, since this is part of a greater story, it’s fine as a teaser for what you have to look forward about Oscar, but this excerpt reminds us that the book is about more than just Oscar, it’s about his family.But this story differs from some of the other Junot Díaz stories in that although it is about Nilda, there is also a tragedy in Yunior’s family.It’s quite horrible, and yet it is sort of glossed over–it’s an interesting conceit that Nilda’s story is more important that his family’s (especially given how the story ends). But Yunior still sees Nilda around and watches as she makes some really bad choices and her life goes slowly downhill.) I knew in my heart of hearts that Kiss was the best. I always liked the high-pitched part of the song (“you always get the boys you like”), although in retrospect it’s really not very good–simplistic in a way that Kiss songs weren’t but then became.In a stroke of marketing genius, this album teased the audience with the idea of finally seeing who was under these “masks” (which is weird since everyone knew they weren’t wearing masks, but whatever). I always joke about Kiss doing a tour and playing “Shandi.” It’s such a cheesy ballad and yet I think it’s really good (for a cheesy ballad–Paul sings this type of song so well).As you can see, this excerpt came out around the same time as the novel.And as far as I can tell, this excerpt is exactly the same as the novel except for one line that was in the excerpt but not in the novel (the part in italics): The only other noticeable difference is that the first section of this excerpt is not really separated from the rest of it.

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As a short story (which excerpts often seem like they are meant to be) this is kind of disappointing because it ends without revealing the big change.“Easy as it Seems” is kind of the album encapsulated in one song–very sleek, very soft, lots of choruses vocals and really kind of bland. “Two Sides of the Coin,” is a decent rocker, but listen to those crazy synth drums during the instrumental break.“Torpedo Girl” is the most interesting track on the disc.You’ll notice that Peter doesn’t get a vocal turn on this album.

In fact, he didn’t play anything on it at all (Anton Fig on drums again), but he was contractually obligated to appear on the cover (perhaps that’s why they did a cartoon).

The first section is told in the second person, while the rest is in the first person.

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