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In written German, time is expressed almost exclusively in the 24-hour notation (–), using either a colon or a dot on the line as the separators between hours, minutes, and seconds – e.g. The standard separator in Germany (as laid down in DIN 1355, DIN 5008) was the dot.In 1995 this was changed to the colon in the interest of compatibility with ISO 8601.Rodney is a 51 year old American who was divorced with no children who found his dream girl soulmate Jitka who is 35 this way.We are best friends,soulmates,proud parents, and very qualified matchmakers as we understand how the process works better then anyone.We are highly selective in who we take in our agency which makes our dating agency different .

The traditional all-numeric form of writing Gregorian dates in German is the little-endian day.order, using a dot on the line (period or full stop) as the separator (e.g., “” or “15.4.74”).We are not online dating, but a highly personal matchmaking agency with ladies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.Czech and Slovak ladies from our countries do not need visas to visit the USA, Canada, or Western Europe unlike countries like Ukraine and Russia.The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) adopted ISO 8601 with EN 28601, now EN ISO 8601.

As a European Norm, CEN and CENELEC member states are obligated to adopt the standard as national standard without alterations as well. YYYY format is used with dots as separators and with leading zeros.

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