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I knew once he could see a different side of me, that he would feel that I was right for it.So I was actually really calm and peaceful about it, because I felt like, I had never done that before, I had never taken someone on a tour of my life [laughs] to neighborhoods and stuff like that, so it was beautiful for me, as well. but filmed in Schenectady, so what parts of your life did you use to find your character as Romina? Something tells me neither of them fall into that category. Or is it like that cliche where funny people aren't funny when they're not supposed to be funny? You didn't see them sitting together and her rubbing his back. She wants him so bad but she's a c-nt face loser and he has no time for her after a quick f-ck and pull." No matter that I was with several others, all journalists, including society columnist Shinan Govani from the National Post, and my eagle-eyed friend Laura, a producer for etalk, and we all saw the same sh-t go down, when you are a super-fan, and you can only accept one narrative: everyone else is on crack.And I started shaving, shaving, shaving, and I almost shaved them all off. [laughter] And I thought, that might change the shape of my face a bit, so I did a little bunch of tricks like that, besides the obvious of absolutely no makeup.And then using a pencil to draw in some stuff, and like the scene at the hospital when I am with Jason, that whole night, I didn’t sleep, like in my hotel room, in the Holiday Inn in Schenectady, drinking coffee, coffee, coffee, and not sleeping, because I wanted to look haggard, delirious.And then I made a decision because truthfully, we didn’t have months to prep for that. And it was still a small film, and we went through prosthetics, maybe a bit much, so I did little tricks …I decided, besides me obviously graying and stuff like that and I had some undergarments that were kind of helping with my body language a little bit, but I decided [laughs], I was in the hotel room, the Holiday Inn in Schenectady, and (thinking) what else can I do to myself to just change my face?

There’s certain things that you just know and not from an egotistical way, there are plenty of jobs I have not gotten, but it was stemming from an, “I know this woman place.” So when I went to go meet him — he was from New York — I went to meet him in LA, and he was doing his casting, and I said, look, I can go into this room and audition, but why not come with me, we’ll take a drive, and I will show you where I grew up in Los Angeles, and we will talk about the character that way.

At the end of the day, I take responsibility for the image that I have put out there, and I think he (Cianfrance) was worried I was a bit kind of glamorous and stuff, but the truth is, that’s something I tap into when I have to. I know my work doesn’t reflect this, but I promise you, you will see more of it, I hope, anytime I get to really play a character and I get to change the way I look, I am happier, that’s what satisfies me. I am such a student of acting, and everything I try in acting class it’s material, it’s Edward Albee material. But unfortunately, it’s been difficult to have those opportunities in film.

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