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As Joan she was cast as Herman's wife, Phoebe, in the pilot for THE MUNSTERS.As Jean she starred in William Castle's PSYCHO influenced HOMICIDAL.He wrote the Soundtrack for the film Sounder, his first crossover into films. Marcia Rodd , Barnard Hughes, Mel Stewart, Priscilla Morill , Rae Allen, Helen Page Camp, Debralee Scott , Vincent Gardenia , Barbara Cason, they have been in a number of Norman Lear series All In The Family.. R404, I recognize the name because I posted him in a DL thread titled something like "Name Someone Who Can't imagine Ever Being Young" and he was the first to come to mind.Lori March Did a lot of guest roles on TV before she got her big break in a Soap Opera - The Secret Storm, I think. People don't know the name but when they see the face, they say "Oh yeah, THAT guy. Debralee Scott has had at least one entire thread dedicated to her on DL, r401. Vincent Gardenia was nominated for two academy awards.Fortunio Bonanova, probably best known for playing the vocal coach trying (unsuccessfully) to teach Mrs.Charles Foster Kane to sing opera in 'Citizen Kane,' has 100 other credits, including 'The Adventures of Don Juan' and 'Double Indemnity.'Ruth Donnelly- great character actress. I was hoping he'd have a decent career and remain visible.Hilarious as a mercenary American mother in Hard to Handle going toe to toe with James Cagney Jean Dixon-very wonderful in Cukor's Holiday. With good looks like his, visible is where he should always be. Doro Merande, yenta extraordinaire Henry Travers, father in Shadow of a Doubt Faye Marlowe, fiancee of Laird Cregar, in Hangover Square Ted de Corsia, criminal chased all over NYC, in Naked City Esther Minciotti, the mother in Marty Ruth Nelson, mother of John Garfield in Humoresque The incredibly cute and gorgeous David Manners was hot hot hot until he locked horns with Joan(no man says no to Joan's bed! He took what they fought bitterly about to the grave.) and dumped Hollywood to spend his life with his partner in spiritual communion with the dessert.[R464] Ruth was in Bewitched and Andy Griffin show And just about every OTHER show one can think of..IMDB entry goes on practically forever.

And her bio says she was in other soap operas too (but maybe I had started to school by the time she got to that phase of her career). Some movie with Robbie Benson, then on to the NYC treadmill, often showing up on Law & Order and with two short stints on As the World Turns 30 years apart (as one of the Stewart girls, then as dwarf Margo). As a movie ALICE had some slight lesbian vibes in scenes between Alice & Chris, and it definitely passes the Bechdel Test from a feminist perspective. Howard , the middle-aged , balding, white bread , Republican daddy F. You'll recognize her face and voice but not her name.He is good looking, has had a lot of roles, I recognized his face as familiar but his name completely was a loss to me until I looked it up. I SWEAR I have seen her on a third thing but I am blanking on it.... Brooke Bundy was Ken Berry's wife on the attempted Brady Bunch spinoff "Kelly's Kids."Nedra Volz was the second maid on Diff'rent Strokes (and showed up in many,many other things). Totally forgot about Leonard Lightfoot until today, and how I confused him with Gordon as a kid.Surprises me that how some Hollywood couples seem to completely stay out of the spotlight, never see them on TMZ or any news on them. And thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite movies, R35.Surely everyone here has seen Madge Blake as the unforgettable gossip columnist (based on Louella Parsons) at the Hollywood premiere of The Dancing Cavalier in the opening scene of Singin' in the Rain?? The only name I can think to add to this esteemed list is Priscilla Morrill.

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