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Florida law makes possession of a firearm by a felon a second degree felony punishable by a minimum term of three years, and up to 15 years, imprisonment.Violation of these laws is a violation of probation, parole, and supervised release, and could result in an additional term of imprisonment for that violation.Unless otherwise instructed by their Probation Officer, offenders may travel within the Middle District of Florida without special permission.All other requests for travel within the United States should be made at least two weeks in advance; requests for outside the United States must be made at least one month in advance and will generally be for hardship reasons only.

A conviction is like the metaphorical scarlet letter.No pleasure travel will be allowed during the first 60 days of supervision.Travel requests may be denied if any monetary obligations are delinquent.Offenders may be issued a restoration certificate by the Office of Executive Clemency as soon as their application has been reviewed by the Florida Parole Commission and it has been determined that they meet the qualifications for restoration.

Specific authority to own or possess a firearm may be reinstated by the State of Florida and the United States Treasury as indicated below.

Then there are those who believe that once a person has been convicted of a felony they should be treated as felons and denied opportunities for the rest of their lives.

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