Exchange rus not updating

There are two real authorities that I rely upon and unfortunately there is disagreement. According to their Exchange Server Supportability Matrix, last updated on , it clearly shows that the Windows Server 2008 Forest Functional Level is not supported for Exchange 2003 Sp2. According to an entry from 11/30/2009, they made several updates to the supportability matrix which includes support for writable Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory Servers.This news was widely applauded by customers, including myself.In order to troubleshoot this I opened up ADUC and changed the view to “Advanced Features” (Open ADUC - Advanced Features) and then choose the “Security” tab and clicked on “Advanced” button which revealed the following: As you can see on the above example the user concerned does not have the “Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects…” check box set.

Due to our Mailbox retention policy we still had the old mailbox within the store (with the AD Account Disabled and hidden from the Global Address List) – therefore their account had been re-enabled, unhidden and after the usual period of replication the mailbox sprang to life in the store.I created everything, including the mailbox and waited for everything to sync. This is a very small network and things take just a few minutes to execute. I tried different variations and ways to make this work, but nothing would or could create a mailbox on the Exchange server.Just to keep things running, I had a few test accounts set up from earlier, so I deleted one of those accounts and re-associated its mailbox with my new user. I commented on the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog article, but have not received any responses.In September, Microsoft announced the impending deprecation of its Smart Screen e-mail spam filter service for Exchange Server and the Outlook e-mail client.