Fake millionaire dating show

It was called Joe Millionaire, and it was a great experiment in greed over love.Joe Millionaire himself, Evan Marriot became an instant celebrity. In 2004, the dating show explosion had waned a bit, with only Blind Date and The Bachelor continuing on the airwaves, with the last runs of Average Joe and For Love Or Money airing on NBC at the time.

Already 5 minutes into the show and I'm bored out of my mind.Yeah, it's becoming so predictable that the only way it'd be even more predictable that if the liar's girlfriend was actually there acting as the assistant to the pedicurist so that the liar would have a harder time lying. Yes, the liar's lover is present to try to skew the lover from the liar and the dater's perception of who's the lover and the liar.It's times like this that I'm glad I didn't have GSN at my house in 2004.More questioning about who's the liar and who's the lover, who's got the girlfriend or not. Ugh, aside from being a carbon copy of other dating shows at this time, namely Elimidate and For Love or Money, the additions to the format made by the producers of this show make it worse.

Evan Marriot is absolutely terrible at everything, especially when it comes to building up the drama at the end.

I should also mention that one of these people is the liar, so not only do you get lying, you also get something close to throwing away a relationship, just to win a $4,000 trip. Either way, this would wind up being the last part before she makes her final decision the next night. Now we get the long, process of the final arguments and find out who's the lover and who's the liar.