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Apparently, Mission Hills was an earlier name for the area we had identified as Iroquois Mountain outside of Sault Ste. If you have any information about this area, please post it on our new ski area page for Mission Hills.Mark also sent us an intriguing picture of a wall full of old ski patches.A registry program associated with the Special Programs Division and the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) continues to regulate the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act approved in November 2008.Three additional bills signed by the Michigan legislature in September 2016 initiated the creation of regulatory and licensing frameworks for dispensing of medical cannabis by licensed medical marijuana doctors in Michigan and dispensaries to patients with qualifying conditions.

His dad, David E Cook, purchased it in ’58/’59 and renamed it Barn Mountain.When we get a chance to check it out, we will post a link on our resources page. Hill or Stream posted on our Sugar Loaf page that they want to know the vertical. Jay also commented with a news article about Sugar Loaf changing hands and we have received a couple of posts on our Facebook page recently that the Loaf that the new owner is planning to re-open it. On the Brady’s Hills page, Pam Mork replied to Aaron Besemer asking him if he is related to the VP of Timberlee Hills?Ken Mc Clellan replied to Tom Fullerton on the Elbert Mountain page that the hang gliding hill is not the same as the old ski jumping hill, but is further south; you have to drive down the beach and climb it from the front.Medical marijuana registry identification cards are valid for one year before patients need to obtain a new doctor’s recommendation and re-apply for a new card.