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I don’t have any male friends and I’m sure that’s because I have no template for what a non-sexual dynamic with a man would be like.’ Wright points out that women who haven’t had a male role model tend to be attracted to older men, not just because they want someone to fulfil that stable, powerful, father-figure role, but also because, as young girls, they might have imprinted on a grandfather, who was filling in as their primary male caregiver.Mirroring your parents’ dynamic doesn’t just happen to heterosexual women, either.Personality-wise, my mum can be a bit offish with me, so I think that’s why I never like the girls who are immediately into me.’ In her current relationship, Sophie takes on a role similar to her dad.‘I’ve just got back from a holiday with my girlfriend and I was the one who did all the map-reading and took charge of where we would eat, just like my dad would.

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And yet every time I’ve fallen for a guy who on paper seems completely different, certain characteristics – whether it’s an addictive personality or a similarly dry sense of humour – eventually come to light.But I’m realising now that I’ve always gone for boyfriends who are unavailable in some way – guys who’ve just got out of long-term relationships or are based in other countries.If someone really likes me, I freak out, because I feel too vulnerable.Jennifer, 35, was single for most of her twenties because she found it hard to meet a man who could measure up to her father. We’re very close, but he also has what I consider sterling attributes: he’s reliable, solid, dependable, kind and funny.