Feedback and updating mechanism for procedures

If, from ongoing communications among management and employees, the direction changes, then fine. Note that many of the following methods are so common that we often don't think of them as having anything to do with coordination at all.No matter what one calls the following methods -- coordination or control -- they're important to the success of any organization.Organizations often use standardized documents to ensure complete and consistent information is gathered.Documents include titles and dates to detect different versions of the document.It needs to exist in some manner -- formal or informal.The following are rather typical methods of coordination in organizations.Some people go so far as to claim that management shouldn't exercise any form of control whatsoever.They claim that management should exist to support employee's efforts to be fully productive members of organizations and communities -- therefore, any form of control is completely counterproductive to management and employees.

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Library's Leadership Blog Library's Supervision Blog New, more "organic" forms or organizations (self-organizing organizations, self-managed teams, network organizations, etc.) allow organizations to be more responsive and adaptable in today's rapidly changing world.

Computers have revolutionized administrative controls through use of integrated management information systems, project management software, human resource information systems, office automation software, etc.

Feedback and updating mechanism for procedures comments

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