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They also demonstrate adaptability because as well as being womens garments they are also used for carrying babies and goods, wall decorations, coverlets and sleeping bag, etc.You may be surprised to learn that Filipinos speak many languages and dialects; 186 according to one ethnolinguistic research.

The cultural context within which Filipino women have been defined is embedded in a patriarchal system, as in other parts of the world.With such an abundance of material from the Philippine womens movement, academia and other sectors, we have resorted to giving pointers to many documents and there is included a bibliography of resources.You can access all this material in the Centre for Philippine Concerns (CPCA) Brisbane Branch library.Outside the urbanised areas, many communities have managed to keep alive their traditional spiritual and social practices.

In the course of researching material for this paper, two aspects stand out for comment: One, is the vast amount of material written by and about the situation of Filipino women at home and abroad.

Ang pagiging babae ay pamumuhay sa panahon ng digma, To be a woman is to live at a time of war by Joi Barrios.

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