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So what do you need to do to make her heart melt and eventually say yes to you?Here are some tips and advices which would greatly help you win her heart.Well, first let’s start with the simplest advice, say your intention immediately.As soon as you realized that you have feelings for her, simply saying “I Like You” or “I Love You” would not help you convey your intention clearly.Although companionship has already been imminent in the dating scene in the Philippines, mostly of the Filipino women still want to undergo the courtship stage where the guy will prove to her that his love is sincere and he’s worth it.The right to call her your girlfriend is earned when she said yes, in the Filipino culture it goes by the phrase “matamis na oo” which can be translated as the Filipino women saying yes sweetly to the guy as a way of accepting his love.The traditional dating customs in the Philippines is described as indirect and more subdued compared to the Western dating cultures.

So ask her if it is okay for you to court her, normally if you have already created a good communication with her and she is single, she would say yes and you can go ahead and win her heart.Dating and marrying a Filipino lady is the dream of thousands of men in this country. There are also other Asian women in the United States, why do single men choose Philippines girls in USA for dating and marriage? (Source: When Filipino Americans lived in the US for a long time, the first generations work so hard, and the second and third generations gained many benefits of becoming successful people, which contributed their success in this great country.

The third generation usually don’t speak their original language or Tagalog but speak English only.

However, they still keep their cultural values and norms, which is a great thing. Many of these Filipino American men signed up at the online dating sites to find local single women back home in the Philippines.

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