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"PC didn't even know I'd been to see them," he admitted.OLLE NYGRENWe're back with the Swedish maestro (part one of this interview appeared in the last-ever issue of ) for more remarkable revelations and memories.

She said, “Oh good, I don’t like to start drinking any later than 7 o’clock.” When I left that night she was still in the bar.’He’s candid – and funny – when I ask about his rather exhausting-sounding love life.I don’t know if people see me in the street and think, “Look at that little baby with his grandad”, but I imagine they do.’So how much has fatherhood changed him – and that life he had so carefully constructed for himself?‘It’s pretty much turned everything I ever believed or thought I wanted from my life on its head,’ he admits. well, most of it.’What’s surprising to everyone – himself included – is how much he’s embracing his new existence.I remember it more as hanging about with some quite nice people and having a laugh. Sometimes it was just barmy – like taking magic mushrooms and ending up in a forest at 2am examining a tree.’There are remnants of that lifestyle. His son Buzz (named after Aldrin, rather than Lightyear), who arrived two years ago when Frank was 54, an age when most men are contemplating becoming grandfathers rather than fathers. ‘There was one guy in his 40s who would normally have been the old guy.

His riverside flat in London was just the place for a man about town. ‘Someone once bought me a pencil case called I Love London, and it had pictures of all the big London landmarks – I can see every one of them from my window. But I kind of knocked him down the league table a bit.

‘Well, before I was famous I found getting girlfriends incredibly difficult.