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Another former manager, who started his tenure in 1981 — and is a personal friend of Moore’s — suggested that all of the recent allegations against Moore are false and created for political reasons.One way to honor World Press Freedom Day: Imagine that world without broad access to information.Let’s see what the story is on Roy’s allegedly being banned from his local mall for “creepy” behavior.Excerpt from Bustle Another accusation has been added to the growing list of sexual misconduct allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore (all of which he strongly denies).Most recently, The New Yorker published an exposé on Monday claiming that Moore was once supposedly banned from the mall in his hometown of Gadsden, Alabama after allegedly preying on teenagers.However, some former mall employees have said they don’t remember his name ever being on the ban list.

He was unmarried but wanted to find a wife, which he soon did.De Blase and his common-law wife, Heather Keaton, have each blamed each other for the killings of De Blase's 4-year-old daughter Natalie and his 3-year-old son Chase, who were poisoned with antifreeze and strangled to death four years ago.Tragic: Natalie (left) and Chase (right) were killed in Mobile County in 2010.Wearing a pink dress with an angel brooch pinned to the front in honor of her slain grandchildren, she revealed that she was hoping for a 'not guilty' verdict.

Breaking down: Wiping away tears, Corrine De Blase (pictured) said she had given up custody of her daughter Natalie, four, and son Chase, three, to John De Blase in 2008 because she thought he was a 'good father'On trial: De Blase (pictured in court on October 22) and his common-law wife, Heather Keaton, have been charged with murder in the killings, which allegedly occurred in Peach Place.

She was consumed with jealousy of Natalie's relationship with her father.

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