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KEARNEY: That’s the chance of changing your life, right?That’s the return, that’s the big-win outcome that might allow you to buy a beach house, or to send your kids to college.

That market, that asset is missing from the American landscape.KEARNEY: So I just sort of started chatting with the vendor, and he said “Oh I have people coming in and spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on lottery tickets a month, a year.” And so being a graduate student, I just downloaded some data and started playing around, and was struck. So you could have $1,500 in your money market account, and every month you might earn a dollar on it.In particular, people do spend a lot of money buying lottery tickets. I started wondering about what were they not buying in order to buy lottery tickets. But there’s no chance in any month that you’ll earn $100,000 or even $10,000.S., has generated a lot of enthusiasm among economists like Kearney and Peter Tufano.

He’s the man who’s been researching what are called “prize-linked savings,” or PLS, all over the world.” which has been around for about 50 years, a little bit more.

It’s this lack of savings, as it were, that motivates me. He’s a professor at the Saïd School of Business at Oxford and one of his specialties is consumer finance.