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But the blasting big rock oldies had me tapping my toes: Stevie Nicks, vintage Van Halen. I sipped my rum and Coke, feeling at one with my inner middle-income Sparks resident. A couple danced on the postage stamp-sized dance floor when I visited. Virginia St., 323-4244The best thing about this place is the baseball memorabilia plastered on the walls. Mc Carran Blvd., Sparks, 355-8391The funk is loud at Outer Limits, considering it’s a.m. James Brown feels just slightly less good than many of the guests of this locals’ hideaway bar. While the bar has all the accouterments of a kick-back after-shift hangout, the carpet, which features a solar system print, is out of this world. But the pool was expensive; the one game Kelley and I played cost $4. Two extremely young-looking men explored each other’s faces at the bar, while other people gabbed around them.

In the time my friends and I (male and female) were there, not one dancer came up to us. By the time we finished our drinks, we felt like “family.” On our way out, Wes yelled from behind the bar: “Hey, you don’t have to be gay to have a good time here! Taylor was ecstatic that the Rusty Nail came in a huge glass—and only cost $3.50. Floyd’s Fireside Chat698 Kietzke Lane, 786-2385Floyd’s Fireside Chat is a traditional bar that has been around since the late ‘60s. Virginia St., 829-8500Foley’s is the place to be if you’re missing the Emerald Isle. As you walk into the bar, a car hangs over the centrally located bar area. Wells Ave., 323-5656How can you not love a bar that has changed its name at least three times in the past year? Virginia St., 825-5500Once you get used to the restaurant/nightclub’s yellow and green exterior, prepare for a blast of bright, tropical colors to greet you on your way inside.Another thing I liked about Famous Murphy’s: Even though I was in the oyster bar, it didn’t smell like fish. The bartenders and drink servers were friendly and always made sure you had a full glass at reasonable prices. The bar also occasionally holds pool tournaments and features a 4-6 p.m. Regulars include all kinds of sports fans and blue-collar types. On a Saturday night, gay couples sat with casino workers; men and women drank, talked and played pool together. A Dave Matthews Band CD played in the background as I watched a Sacramento Kings game and chatted with my buddy, Taylor.) on Saturday, aka “College Night.” Six security personnel oversee the crowd. Hard Hat Bar & Grill950 Glendale Ave., Sparks, 359-0411Just say schizophrenic. Plumb Lane, 825-2292A list behind the bar reads: “LACK OF INTEGRITY: DO NOT BOOK THESE BANDS.” Sounds like Harry, whose name is really Ernest, has been burned. Virginia St., 853-2197 The Hawk’s Nest Bar boasts itself as “the only second-class bar in Nevada.” Well, they’re right (but not about the “only” part). Autographed dollar bills cover one wall, while sporting equipment covers all the others. Keystone Lounge211 Keystone Ave., 329-6386Strategically located within walking distance of the Greyhound station, downtown casinos and two good thrift shops, this bar is the perfect spot for that mid-morning cocktail to make your Monday pass a bit more quickly. Center St., 322-4860Kicks has a huge bar, a dance floor, pool tables and even a go-go cage—but where is everyone? It was like being in the Twilight Zone on a Friday night.

The heat of wall-to-wall coeds keep this Cabo-themed bar nice and warm. On weekdays, the Hard Hat is a working man’s bar, where you might find a day laborer quietly cooling off during his lunch hour with a Budweiser or one of several imported beers on tap. Kids come to hear bands like Existence, Arch, Livitz Livitz and Redcel. While the stage was empty during my visit, the mural behind the stage was not. The bar is located on the very edge of town, past Meadowood, the pink Scolari’s and all the glimmering lights of Reno. Broken skateboards, snowboards, wakeboards, a bike frame and more decorate the interior. The clientele includes a mix of regulars and those just passing through. The music was playing, and the lights were flashing, waiting for someone to step on the dance floor. Knuckleheads Sports Bar405 Vine St., 323-6500Tucked away in the Sportsman’s Corner between Fourth and Vine streets, this sports-lover hangout provides ample space to watch games, shoot the 8 ball or challenge your buddy to a game of darts. La Fuentes790 Baring Blvd., Sparks, 331-1483Great indoor fountain. And one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had—the Midori.

And upon further inspection, I realized that the chick nursing a drink at the end of the bar was actually a mannequin wearing shades—quite a conversation piece. But don’t call and ask for any information, because employees are apparently forbidden from giving out simple information like bar hours or drink specials. Guys with graying long hair bought these overpriced buds for their dates. The people shooting pool, playing darts or drinking shots here are my neighbors. Did I mention they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner? I imagine it’s a bit more charming in the summer, when the actual outdoor “patio” is open, but The Patio is nevertheless a fun, albeit loud, place to go for a beer year-round. Monday nights offer karaoke, while the bar features lingerie shows every first and third Thursday. We didn’t eat, but the smells wafting from the kitchen, of hamburgers, sandwiches and fried foods, were nice. Commercial Row, 333-2808Of all Reno’s gay bars, this may be the diviest one.