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Mrs Hollins told the court they had cashed in one insurance policy for £8,000 to help pay off their mounting debts and her husband had become 'really annoyed' when she refused to cash in more.

He took out a £195,000 mortgage to buy her a cottage in Helensburgh, near Glasgow, which she ran as a bed and breakfast, and they had a son and a daughter together.He spent four hours in a hotel with one of his conquests six days before trying to kill his 41-year-old wife.Judge Alistair Mc Creath said Hollins was 'a dangerous offender' and would 'effectively be given a life sentence', only being released when the parole board considered him safe.It turns out that Peaches has amnesia, so the fellows offer to help her.

The plot revolves around all the silly circumstances and schemes they come up with, and her resolve to keep on smiling through it all.

In one entry he told how he went looking for prostitutes when his wife left him for a month, saying: 'I would go nuts if I don't get sex often enough.' Hollins, who was on bail living in Northampton during the trial, was declared bankrupt earlier this year. Miss Bianchet, who was at court in the public gallery, burst into tears when the guilty verdict was read out.