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You get a live feed when the crew is working as well as views of Earth from the station.Plus, the station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes so you get to see a sunset and sunrise every 45 minutes.You get the living room, kitchen, and guest bathroom for free.If you want access to the bedroom and shower, it’ll cost you a membership fee of $30 per month.WATCH NOW Here you can watch live as tourists in London attempt to recreate the famous Beatles’ album cover while causing terrible traffic problems for all the locals just trying to get home from work.WATCH NOW Now you can have all the joys of owning a pet without the cost, cleanup, or actual love and affection!Si Digital has created a robot that users can control from their website.You guide a robotic arm to pick up metal balls and drop them in different holes worth a different amount of points. The line to play usually isn’t too long if you’re interested in taking over the robot for a bit.

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