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I will also give you some tips on diagnosing transmission faults, mechanical and electrical.The diagnostic steps used in this article to verify a faulty transmission ECU are advanced, however you can learn a lot from the process and help answer your questions when this problem arises for you.The ability to adapt shift points depending on pressure and slip extends the lifetime of your transmission.What this means for you if you have a FAIL SAFE message (indicating the transmission has entered the emergency program) is that the trans ECU has been adapting the transmission to maintain a normal feel up to the point where it could no longer adapt and reached a fault limit.

Mình hay đi 45 bath để tránh tắc đường giờ cao điểm và rẻ nữa. Cứ nửa tiếng lại có 1 chuyến, thường kéo dài 45-60 phút.The following occurs in FAIL SAFE mode: All shift solenoids are de-energized via TCM internal relay. High version instrument cluster will display a message in the driver information display.The pressure regulation solenoid is de-energized resulting in maximum line pressure. Vehicles with low version clusters will display a fault symbol in the cluster.The check engine light will also be illuminated by the DME.