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When law enforcement crosses the line, the legal defense of entrapment can provide the accused the legal means to fight back and beat the charges.In Michigan, entrapment occurs when the police engage in impermissible conduct that would induce a law-abiding individual under similar circumstances to commit the crime, or the police engage in conduct so reprehensible that it cannot be tolerated by the court.In other cases, law enforcement agencies entice individuals to download or share inappropriate images over the Internet or on cell phones.Any individual who visits an Internet chat room or social networking site, or downloads and/or shares images with others should be mindful that all Internet conversations are potential evidence of criminal conduct, even seemingly innocent ones.Discussion of chronic pain and related issues is always the first priority here, even during more social times. We cannot be a support community if chat participants do not respect one another or the hosts.The following rules are meant to help the rooms remain safe and supportive: Do not contact people via private chat unless you have permission.Remember the person you are chatting with could be an undercover police officer posing as a minor.If the individual you are conversing with claims to be under 18 years of age, you should refrain from any communication that could be construed as sexual in nature.

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The Surviving Chronic Chat Room is intended for people with chronic pain disorders, people who have recovered from chronic pain disorders.This is to help limit confusion by having a lot of people in the room who aren't available to chat.You'd not want to stand in a room where it feels like everyone is just staring at you, but not talking... If you are suicidal, you are in need of help from someone trained in dealing with crisis situations.A successful entrapment defense focuses on establishing unethical police tactics that coerce otherwise law-abiding citizens to break the law.

The team of internet crimes defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates is well versed on the legal complexities of entrapment and how to best use a successful entrapment defense on a client's behalf to secure a dismissal.

Idle chat members will receive two warnings before being removed from the room.