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2️⃣ extend life expectancy 3️⃣ Raise quality of life 4️⃣ Look and feel better, dress or not.5️⃣ Be in a better mood 6️⃣ Have a stress- free life 7️⃣ Be more energetic 8️⃣ Become ... 10 REASON TO GET FIT: 1️⃣ get confident in your own abilities.Thank you David for reminding me what my role can be in this industry. #Repost @realdavidart (@get_repost) ・・・ There are those around us who are 🙏🏾 givers.So much so that they sometimes have a hard time seeing themselves as worthy of 🎁 receiving.Yes, I️ do want to succeed in every aspect of fitness and most important life however to witness others succeeding gives me more chills and satisfaction.

#nodayoff #now #absworkout #training #gym #gymtime #ismytime #workout #losnumero1 #lossweight #loveyourself #fitness #fridaymood #beastmode #miamilife #usalab #ismytime 👊🏻 It is hard for me to know or even realize how much I️ give of myself to others.So if you're struggling right now with your health and fitness and you're finding yourself saying..🤡maybe next week, 🤡maybe tomorrow, 🤡after this birthday, 🤡after that night out I'll get started.It's geared toward women but men can benefit from it too. • I don't promise overnight results and I don't promote gimmicks. When we live together in harmony, there really are wonderful & pleasant effects not only on us, but on others.

Find it on Amazon and read my review; I wrote out all my thoughts there. #Repost @soheefit (@get_repost) ・・・ Friends, today is the day Eat. What I do guarantee is that by following the guidelines in the book, you'll first learn to overhaul your mindset first - and once that's done, everything with nutrition and training will become a cakewalk. I think the psalmist outlined the three benefits of harmony.

S 🌞 N D A Y | #Repost @absolute_organic (@get_repost) ・・・ Benefits of Australian Certified Organic It’s the best for animal welfare Livestock must be free range to be certified organic.