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Extensive physical peril, copious amounts of blood, brief-yet-graphic shots of grievously wounded and dead bodies.People are beaten senseless then dragged; characters are shown with wounds and injuries; characters are repeatedly stabbed onscreen while tied and helpless.As you begin talking about strangers, keep in mind that despite sensational media coverage, stranger abductions are still extremely rare.Being able to talk to adults is an important social skill for your child, so try not to make her unduly afraid.Solution is to remove the delivery address from your list.

“I’m a gay woman, and I wanted to create a story that represented my community and my understanding of sexuality, identity, love and human connection.By the age of four, many children have heard about strangers and this is a good time to start teaching your little one how to stay safe.However, she is still too young to be left unsupervised in public because she won't have good judgment yet or be able to control her natural impulses.I wanted to create a show that opened up the dialogue around sexuality in what I hope is an honest and genuine way,” she said.

“Strangers” premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Two-year-olds and three-year-olds don't yet know what a stranger is, or who's harmless and who's not.