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He’s here for the same reason I am: Milo invited him.What surprises me about Roosh is that he seems to be a true believer.After half an hour of loitering, I’m ushered into a large black Ford, where Team Milo is off to pick up their star.Team Milo consists of his tour manager, Tim, one Breitbart writer, one pretty young man with a neat beard and a ‘Dangerous Faggot’ band T-shirt, and Milo’s personal trainer and driver, who is the sort of American jock I had considered largely fictional.He does this “because it’s funny,” although he worries that it may be insufficiently flattering.“I’m going to send it to my guy at Louis Vuitton.” It’s all an act.I realise that I have stumbled into a den of goblins. This is also true, although I remind him that the nuclear family as it is currently conceived is actually a fairly recent social format.He insists that it’s thousands of years old, and asks me if I truly believe that it’s right for gay men to be able to adopt children. He appears as flummoxed by this as I do by his presence at what is supposed to be a party to celebrate Gay republicans.

This time—god help me and the things I do for journalism—I said yes.his is a story about how trolls took the wheel of the clown car of modern politics.It’s a story about the insider traders of the attention economy.“Everyone’s got good inside them.” I make it to the venue intact apart from my faith in humanity.“Get Laurie a cigarette, darling,” Milo says to his personal trainer, who has charge of the handbag. The interaction that follows is the most surreal episode in a deeply surreal evening.

We smoke in the car park behind the event space as Milo’s camera crew arrive and hook him up to a microphone. Roosh is tall and well-built and actually rather good-looking for, you know, a monster.

Unlike Milo, he appears to be—at least to some extent—convinced of the truth of what he’s saying.

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