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Only one of them ended up being right, one that could actually handle it. Even in California, finding a venue is so difficult. When you get there, you get assigned a color and bandana and that’s your team. Sometimes you can find a field, but there’s no electricity, no water and then it’s going to be ten times more expensive. There’s a team leader for each team who are these crazy guys and girls. The teams start to bond, so it’s really easy to make tons of friends because you’re all lumped together on these teams and no one knows each other. They have deep pockets, so they can take a couple losses and it just has to make sense at the end of the year for them. So when you get there, hopefully that’s the feeling that you get. It’s not just another thing put on by a company, it’s us. This February’s weekend festival is the inaugural East coast edition of the festival.

I took this straight from Eric Barker’s blog and for good reason. It totally makes sense why people go wild at weddings and socials listening to the Spice Girls and other timeless music that reminds takes them back to a emotion in time. It’s probably been quoted by more than a few celebrities at this point, but it really does work.FMG’s experience and resources will benefit the product, consumers, and business partners alike.Stay tuned as we get ready to take Cruiseline to all new heights!Running alongside, yet separate, from the corporate culture that has become today's rave industry, DJ, producer, and Dirtybird label head Claude Von Stroke seems to be having a pretty good time just being himself.

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