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Think of it as wiretapping, but a bit more technical.

I used this a few months ago for exactly the same reasons as you.and when you do dye it, if you're going for a brown shade, go for a shade or 2 lighter because your hair is poreous.Apparetly if you use baby shampoo it helps to stop your hair going darker for the week or so after using colour before, and if you do end up a ginger that you can't stand, you can use a non permanent dye - make sure it has no peroxide or ammonia in it, the 24 wash dyes do have this in so your better off with an 8 wash dye like nice and easy - and to counter act the ginger tones choose an ash shade, remembering to go a few shades lighter.x Hmmmmm, I don't know what to do now now as I don't think I can go around with a dodgy colour for a week before re-colouring!!But Bob, who is a hacker, wants to intercept this communication and see Nick’s credentials.

To accomplish this, he establishes a connection with the victim, thereby cutting Nick’s communication with the secure server.

Also I'm very, very grey so the roots & mid-lengths are a LOT lighter than the ends & it looks awful atm!!!

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