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As my cock sank into her Karen gasped and scratched my back.“Fuck me! Her ass was pressed up against the shower wall and it made noisy slapping sounds as each thrust pressed her back against the wall.Karen swallowed every drop and then stood up smiling and kissed me with the taste of my cum still on her lips. The water was splashing off her chest and running over her small thirty-two B tits.My cock never even began to deflate as I pulled her to me. She spread her legs and wrapped them around my hips pulling me to her.I grabbed a towel and began drying Karen’s perfectly smooth skin.

I tussled her hair with the towel and then moved lower, drying off her shoulders, arms, and then her chest.

Often while I was taking care of business in the bathroom I would fantasize about Karen and how good it would be to have a wife who wanted sex as often as I did.