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If the reds set up roadblocks and the allies take them apart; or if the reds blow bridges and the allies start rebuilding them, it then will be up to the reds to decide whether they want to start a war. Rodney Ruberry and Clyde Cox, both King Hill, were reappointed committeemen. Glenns Perry, was reelected local technician,* and Ja- _^ , .^^ I, I cpb Kauf f man, Ha mmett, reappolot- I [lli'r V~l\? If that Is not true, then she will be found to want war gen- erally, and win have it, Berlto or no Berlin. Denman's letter was referred to members of the school board at a special meeting this week. 19 - Harold Richards was reelected chairman of the King Hlii-Hammett unit of the Cache Valley Breeding association at a meeting at Glenns Ferry. The meeting VJIWj J i.l CTTS3 1,5,^ tj,e Amerlcail' Le- gion hall.

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