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- In recent years, many people bring up her name among the personalities who should be honored in the Pantheon, a secular monument that hosts the remains of important French people.- A comparison can be made with Rafael Padilla, "Chocolate, the Negro Clown," who met with a fate more tragic than that of Josephine Baker, and who was the first black artist in the French scene.I didn't know what was going to happen to me in France but I knew what was going to happen to me in New York." - It would be in Paris that he would find a way to live his homosexuality "freely" and to live off his art without that being a problem, until he was confronted with a stark racism, especially after the war in Algeria.- Yet, the American who is the most Parisian is still Josephine Baker, born in 1906 in St. - She is regarded as the first black star in Paris and became an emblem of the Parisian music hall, thanks to La Revue Nègre, at once outrageous and groundbreaking.

- We can also mention James Baldwin, a great intellectual figure of the civil rights movement who settled in Paris after the war.Bernard Church (in the heart of Goutte d'Or) for two months.- The occupation was backed by many celebrities and political figures from the Left. 23, 1996, French riot police carried out the evacuation of the church by breaking down its doors with an ax.- From 1914 to 1918, 170,000 men from West Africa fought in the French army in France and the Balkans.

- They are named the "Senegalese Tirailleurs" (tirailleur means rifleman) because it was in that country that the first Regiment of African Tirailleurs was formed in 1857, but the term actually refers to all black African soldiers who fought for France in the First and Second World Wars.

(...) When I arrived in Paris in 1948 I didn't know a word of French.

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