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Social Clout: 2,605 Facebook likes; 2,180 Twitter followers You Tube Channel: Advice Twitter Handle: @trippadvice Bragging Rights: “It Girl Dating and Confidence-Boosting Coach” on MTV’s “MADE” This girl will tell you love is not dictated by rules. House offers a way to find the right person right now with no games involved.Both her blog and vlog are filled with awesome advice on everything from gaining confidence to getting over a breakup.Xu understands marriage isn’t the end goal for everyone, so instead she focuses on enhancing the experience of being single.

She’ll also teach you how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking – a useful tip for when you want to meet a new person!Their vlog consists of them answering your questions, using pickup lines to get phone numbers and interviewing women to show their perspective on things.Their videos will not only get you more confidence, but they’ll get you more girls as well. Social Clout: 301,345 Facebook likes; 176,275 Twitter followers You Tube Channel: Pickup Twitter Handle: @Simple Pickup Bragging Rights: vlog has more than 130 million views Have you ever wanted dating advice from the Kardashians? The Wing Girls Jet and Star bring a mix of hilarious sketches and solid advice to their vlog, teaching you what you need to know about dating in a way that makes it fun.Why not use the powers of You Tube for good and actually do something good – like enhance your dating ability.

These 13 vloggers will teach you the ins, outs, ups and downs of sex, dating and relationships.

You Tube is sometimes seen as the biggest time suck on the Web.