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The first login box utilizes CGI: IRC, a fully web-based client wherein your chat communications are done through Anthro Chat's web server (on port 80).It is known to be cumbersome to use in comparison with most other clients, but has the added benefit of allowing you to chat regardless of some firewall configurations that may explicitly block IRC traffic. ANY UNAUTHORIZED USE of my Profile (Videos, pics, transmitting and forewarding to other sites , Publishing personal likings) without my written permission is a Violation of my privacy and subject to legal Action! Really wondering how many male whores are on the site, waiting hours and hours to get a few tips![public] created by bloodxangel Chat creator: Husky Snowpaws.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is the oldest form of multi-user text based conversations (read- multiplayer notepad) still around. You need to know a few commands to get around here. Just type these in where you would normally type your messages. Lists all the channels available on the network, including their topics, and how many people are in them.On another note, if a mod has asked you to drop a subject/topic, and you DO NOT comply, you will be given a warning. Second biggest rule; this is a chat room, not a dating site or a trolling zone. Thirdly, Sensitive material such as Suicide jokes, Rape, Genocide (9/11, etc) or things of an explicit nature are not to be mentioned.sexual exposed pics will be deemed for privacy or removal followed by a temp ban if not done. /// A Channel for Gamers, Coders, or Gaming Coders! We ony ask that you do not spam and just enjoy the channel and do whatever you like!

Type | Why not check out #Freedom https:// Channel NEXT SHOP: Tuesday, March 13th at 9-ish PM Eastern at | TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAAtpz4c CHsbp8qrw Fg | Get Bucktown's CDs and apparel at Latest music video: "I Won't Give Up" https:// A great place for general-friendly chat, & kink roleplay or discussion.

Some channels are set to be hidden from the list, though, and you just have to know what they are/get an invitation to them.