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It made Mitchum hate Hollywood with “all the venom of someone who owed it everything he had.” Yet for all his bravado, Robert Mitchum was one of Hollywood and cinema’s greatest actors.Over fifty-four years, Mitchum appeared in 110 movies.Many which were then and are still now considered among the best movies ever made—and this was often down to the quality of Mitchum’s performance whether he on or off a horse.While he was happy to share stories about his life and career with family and friends, Big Bad Bob had a reputation of being difficult to interview.

After all, as he often pointed out, one of the biggest stars in the world was Rin Tin Tin, “and she was a four-legged bitch.” Acting wasn’t real work.Chat show host Michael Parkinson once had a interview with Mitchum where every question asked by Parkinson was met by the sleepy-eyed actor’s answer “Yep.” After about twenty minutes, Parkinson had had enough of this monosyllabic performance and asked if Mitchum if he ever said anything other than “Yep”?To which Mitchum replied, “Nope.” In January 1974, Mitchum arrived in Tokyo, Japan, to star in a gangster movie called .Kilmer worked as a military policeman in Japan after the Second World War where he formed a relationship with a local woman Eiko (Keiko Kishi) who was working the black market to obtain penicillin for her sick daughter.

Eiko’s brother Ken (Ken Takakura) a recently returned Japanese soldier was outraged by his sister’s friendship with the enemy.

Unlike other films made on gangsters, ' Daddy' does not glorify the alleged misdeeds of Gawli.

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