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Nana Dzagnidze drew with Golod to secure the £6,000 women's prize.Leading scores: 1-2 P Svidler (RUS, won play-off), V Milov (SUI) 8/10, 3-6 V Gashimov (AZE), H Nakamura (USA), E Berg (SWE), V Akobian (USA) 7½, 7-11 P Harikrishna (IND), N Dzagnidze (GEO), I Sokolov (NED), A Stefanova (BUL), P Cramling (SWE) 7, etc. Initially he thought his dalliance with the traditional summer game might have affected his play: "after three days enjoying myself, I thought it would all end in tears - but surprisingly it didn't." He paid warm tribute to the tournament as a "home or family event" - and expressed the hope that he would be back soon.Peter Svidler gave an excellent speech at the gala prizegiving which followed the end of the tournament on Thursday 5 February. The next day he went up the rock to meet the peninsula's most famous residents.

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Click here for a fabulous slideshow of Gibtelecom '09 - and make sure you book early for Gibtelecom '10!There were two wins with Black: Peter Svidler beat Alexander Belyavsky and last year's winner Hikaru Nakamura beat Bartosz Socko to join the players on 7/9 and Pentala Harikrishna beat Josep Lopez Martinez to make it five players on that score.There were two other sensational results as Nana Dzagnidze beat Ferenc Berkes to improve her chances of taking the £6,000 women's prize, while 2187-rated Oleg Kozlov of Russia swept to victory against Vassilios Kotronias of Greece to secure a GM norm.He is now in a seven-player group just half a point behind the leaders.