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Although, it is sometimes used in reference to the “transitional tenon”.

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They have a full nut-width, unlike most 60's Gibsons. Headstock pitch is a shallower 14 degrees instead of the 50's 17 degrees. I need to do some leg work to confirm what an unmolested scheme should be.       Earlier guitars in the run will have a dot over the "i" in Gibson, whereas later guitars will NOT have a dot.       Wired ABR's with no anchors in the wood. :) The ABR's will have a patent number on their bottoms. They have a flat deck where the pickups are mounted just like a 50's guitar.The 17th,19th, & 21st fret's inlays are a uniform thickness relative to the nut and bridge on a 50's guitar. sticker on the bottom of the pickup reads "PATENT NO 2,737,842".A late sixities LPC will have a thinner inlay on the 21st fret.       Early, T-Top, Patent Sticker humbuckers. BUT, there's a little room for debate on bobbin type.The heal shape is not quite the same as it is more of a D shape than a 50's C.

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