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JOHN2 GILLESPIE (*WILLIAM1) was born 1753 in Virginia, and died April 07, 1822 in Transylvania, North Carolina. July 23, 1788, Pendelton County, South Carolina; d. 4.*JAMES2 GILLESPIE (*WILLIAM1) was born 1751 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died August 18, 1834 in Smyth County, Virginia. He married JANE HARVEY August 31, 1779 in Botetourt County, Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM HARVEY and REBECCA CARUTHERS. On April 5, 1793, James bought 61 acres of his brother's land and lived there the remainder of his life. Isabella died September 19, 1833 and James died on August 18, 1834.

GILLESPIE: Estate Was Probated: August 18, 1778, Left his property to wife, Agnes, and children Occupation: Farmer and Blacksmith in Washington Co, VA Will Written: June 26, 1778 Children of ROBERT GILLESPIE and AGNES RUSSELL are: 7. Notes for *WILLIAM GILLESPIE, SR.: William Gillespie lived near the mouth of Cowpasture River in Augusta County (now Allegheny County, Virginia as early as March 1746 or 1747 when he worked on a road from lower Cowpasture to Carter's Mill. 1757, On the Cowpasture River in Augusta County, Virginia; d. JAMES CUNNINGHAM, March 22, 1781, Smyth County, Virginia; b.

July 1778 in Smyth Co., VA(Will written Jun 26, 1778 - probated Aug 18, 1778).

After the death of William and Mary some of their children moved to Hickman County, North Carolina. Children of *WILLIAM GILLESPIE and *MARY CLENDENNING are: 2.