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And, while you may not always appreciate it, deep down you like the fact that you always know where you stand with him.8. It turns out that ‘the redhead’ gene is also linked to the body’s perception of pain and sensitivity levels, meaning that ginger men are more sensitive than other men. He’s eager to please He may be a smokin’ hottie now but, thanks to an adolescence most likely spent without much action in the romance department, he is channeling his fiery passion into making sure you’re satisfied! So there you have it – ginger men are sensitive, passionate, hot, talented and funny. He’s confident in himself After years of being picked on in the yard or getting slagged off by his mates in secondary school, the ginger man has come through his formative years a stronger, more confident person. He’s got a great personality Gingers are notoriously awkward during their teenage years.Not considered the most attractive by their peers, it is incumbent upon them to develop incredible personalities in order to have something to offer besides their looks! Freckles are sexy When you’re a young ginger guy, the jokes are inevitable.The ad appeared in the Metro newspaper and was used to promote the programme “Dating in the Dark”, which Virgin said “challenged people’s perceptions of attractiveness” and encouraged them to make decisions based on personality as well as looks. And what sort of personality perceptions do we currently make, based on hair colour?According to an AXE Hair survey, nearly 74% of women agree that hair is one of the first things they notice about a man, but there are conflicting studies about what women prefer.

She went on 87 first dates in two years, joined half a dozen dating websites and received 48,000 views on –- the groundwork for .Researchers believe it’s down to the way genes that dictate hair pigmentation influence tumour growth! He’s probably talented In a recent interview, Ed Sheeran said: ‘The reason I became a musician is that God looked down and said, ’You probably need some help getting laid.” Anyone who was at his Croke Park gigs this year knows that’s no longer true.7.He doesn’t play games With fiery passion comes a fiery temper so if he’s p*ssed off about something, you know about it! Designed for natural redheads and those who simply love redheads, this is your chance to met the guy or girl of your dreams!

Pucker up to your fellow redzers upstairs in the Oar Bar, on Saturday night from 7.30pm.

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