Girl from bad girls club dating chris brown

But she claimed it and then eventually admitted it was a joke.The air became stale around my computer, and a stiff wind sent a chill up my spine, even though the windows were closed.Here is a short montage of Natalie’s work for your viewing pleasure Now Vernon Davis must not have any real friends, because no real friend would UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allow his boy to stake claim on any Swamp Donkey let alone Natalie Nunn who just may be the Michael Jordan free throw line dunk of swamp donkeys.Like I don’t know what is occurring right now in the sports and entertainment industries but these dudes have officially lost their mind.Mehgan James is known (via Worldstar Hip Hop) as “The Meanest Hands in BGC History.” Which isn’t too farfetched to say, seeing that she dominated every fight she was in on her season, and also when she recently attacked a security guard during the filming of the Bad Girls All-Star Battle Reunion.But it was farfetched for anyone to believe that she was the stepchild of our president Barack Obama.Source: Oxygen Elease had a hard time on her season of Bad Girls Club.Being the new girl, she was bullied for a good portion of her stay, but found a silver lining when a few of the girls started to let up, and also when she met R&B crooner Marcus Cooper, also known as Pleasure P.

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