Gmail not updating on iphone

Sorry I can't be of any more help to you, but I've never encountered that particular problem.If it is an exchange email that you are having a problem with, I might suggest deleting that account from your phone and then setting it up as a new account again if that is possible.It must be that the IOS 8.1 upgrade has changed the settings (like with the mail fetch setting this message was first about) but that is now working and I am let with this other annoying issue.Any suggestions about how to make these notifications work again? Go in your Voice Over settings and make sure speak notifications in lock screen is checked. And for the ones you want to here even if your device is locked make sure show in lock screen is on.However, I am having a problem getting mail to upload when the 'mail' icon is closed.I am using Outlook on an exchange server and when I had my i Phone 5s, mail would happily update all the time i.e.Your i Phone can't get an email if it's not connected to the internet.

For example, 'apps gone free' would say 'your new apps gone free are ready' at about 6 PM every evening and my BBC news app would put messages on the screen and make the BBC news sound when a new piece of news came out, that no longer happens on my i Phone 6, although I believe I still have the same settings as on the i Phone 5s. I believe that is where you will find the "fetch new mail" option, although it may say something else.It's possible that the problems with your email is a bug that's fixed with the latest i OS update or your email provider has changed some settings and only the latest i OS version can help you deal with the change.To update your i Phone, read: If none of these steps solved the problem, there may not be anything wrong with your phone.There are many issues that can cause your i Phone not to be able to download email, probably dozens.

Luckily, there are eight major steps you can take to resolve the majority of email problems.

Hello all, I have another problem with the upgrade to my new i Phone 6.

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