Gpp 3 updating help

Check out the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog for the latest news! **NEW**The company database upgrade appears to hang when updating with Service Pack 3 or later.Service Pack 3 included a fix to improve performance when updating the GL30000 table. **NEW**Security Conversion causes the DYNAMICS database update to fail.

Click HERE to download the MDGP2010_Security Conversion script.Press Ctrl F5 or Ctrl Shift R to have your browser try again and if that doesn't work, check out our troubleshooting guide. Click HERE to review the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 System Requirements2.Among other things, Group Policy Preferences allows an administrator to configure: Group Policy Preferences are distributed just like normal group policy: An XML file containing the settings is written to the SYSVOL share of the domain controllers, and computers periodically query the SYSVOL share (authenticating to it using their computer account) for updates to the group policy.

Several of the Group Policy Preferences allow credentials to be specified. If an attacker is able to get access to the SYSVOL share (which is open to all authenticated users, so a malicious or spear phished employee will have access to it) and obtain the AES encryption key used to encrypt/decrypt passwords set with GPP (which we document on MSDN), the attacker will be able to obtain the credentials set with GPP.

In the worst case scenario, companies use Domain Administrator credentials in their Group Policy Preference accounts, resulting in a full domain compromise as soon as the attacker is able to access with SYSVOL share (and decrypt the passwords using the documented key).