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She bowed her eyes down as the Fire closed around her and saw a little leaf mouse crawling, not away from, but toward a patch of grass, already burning black, laying itself flat flat flat in the small burning strands, and she did the same…no thought save that a small fire might hurt less to die in than the great one.She took in a great breath and laid flat in the grass fire, with her face in the dirt and the small flames scorching her fur…the Wolf passed over her, so great was its rush to devour.In drought years, he had learned, the fires caused by lightning strikes in the high mountains might come tearing up and down the slopes, faster than people and animals could flee them.So they set little fires themselves, backwards as that seemed, to clear away the brush and grass that might act as fuel later.” he asked.“No,” she said, “but I have less fur than some, so this is my disguise. ” She smiled with small sharp teeth, and then she did look like the Sisters back home. She pulled back her green cloak and showed him the back of her right hand, It was bare and scarred up to the elbow, her dark skin was traced with pink scars like spider web. Galen looked around for Papa, but he was busy, a dozen meters away talking to group of large males about tall trees and sides of the mountain or something.

She laid the little mouse gently on a blanket scrap and stroked it's back with a small dark finger, then she looked up at Galen.“You have a question? She spoke very slowly…if she thought he somehow wouldn’t understand her.The people of a half dozen villages were spread out in a curving line, through the forest and the meadow, down the slope. Every person had a fan and a hot coal in an small eggshell basket.Behind the line, a few meters back, was another ring of people with waxed water-baskets on their backs and wool blankets in their hands.People up here almost never saw humans so they sometimes thought he and Papa were deaf or something.

He bowed, the way a child is supposed to do when talking to an Elder, and she seemed surprised.“Are you chilly, grandmother?

This way, if a wild fire came, it would not find enough easy food and either starve, or pass overhead, taking the leaves, but leaving large trees and the villages un-burnt All the people up around here were Mems (except for he and Papa, of course) so there was a kind of a ceremony safety/drill before the burning started, where everybody dumped water on themselves and rubbed it into their fur.

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