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Am a Syracuse gal ,now in FL and my Grammy lived in BB for a time- Oneida Lake was/remains a warm and wet Memory of my 70 years. I check for the snow levels on your fence, and the windy waves coming ashore---look for a lawn bench, and now for the day the dock and boat are in. Thank you for your committed reliability in maintaining this window to " Back Home".I wanted to comment on how much I enjoy being able to look at the lake everyday. THIS CAM AND THE PEOPLE THAT SHARE IT WITH US IS A GIFT THAT I ENJOY VERY MUCH.OMG ---the snow is so piled up on the fence I can't even see the Lake, today on 3/15/17. We view your site every morning from our home in Florida.See........, the value of the fence being in the view is silently valuable!! We love watching the seasons change through your eyes.The volcano is active and still erupts because of its position between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates, as well as the fault between the African and lonian micoplate.The lonian plate is tilted backward - allowing space for mantle magna to well up to the surface.

This caused Catania airport be closed on several occasions.Between 20 a series of activity threw up a huge column of ash that could be seen from space.It fell as far away as Libya - which 370miles from Sicily.Rescue on Oneida Lake 3/13/2010 from News Channel 9: Click here for story.

Check out this video of a Bernhards Bay resident ice sailing on Sodus Bay, NY

A BBC team and tourists were on the volcano when it erupted in March and several were injured.

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  • Where is Mount Etna, why did the volcano erupt and is there live. profil de paulette60


    Mar 17, 2017. We examine Europe's tallest active volcano and look at where it is based, when it last erupted, and if it can be viewed on live webcam. Etna regularly. The fertile soil around the volcano allows for extensive agriculture, with vineyards and orchards spread across its lower slopes. GRABBER GRANNY.…