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“There used to be a guy who was stalking my girlfriend online,” recalls a 25-year-old otaku who works at a bakery, who adds that he solved the problem when he “hacked him.” ▼ We’re assuming he means “hacked with a computer,” because otherwise he’s not so much an otaku as just a straight-up murderer. They have high-tech homes Along with tinkering with computers, watching anime is a popular pastime amongst otaku, and if your boyfriend is the kind of person who’s willing to buy DVDs and Blu-rays in a country where they regularly sell for 5,000 yen (US$48.50) or more, he’s probably not going to settle for watching them on a small, grainy TV.“Our homes are amazing,” gushes one 26-year-old website administrator.Protection from Internet stalkers Japan’s embracing of blogging and social media is often at odds with the particularly high value the country puts on online privacy.Combine this with Japan’s well-known devotion to young women who’ve gained even a tiny bit of fame, and occasionally they form the unpleasant chimera of Internet stalking.On the other hand, even in Japan, where many women start fretting over the possibility of ending up an old maid if they reach their late 20s before they walk down the aisle, most people like going through an intermediary title between being “just a friend” and “somebody’s spouse.” The sudden jump to nominal matrimony seems like a sure sign that the guy is lacking in dating experience at least, if not common sense about how society and maybe even language works. He won’t cheat on you…with a real girl While all couples develop their own rules about what is and isn’t acceptable in the relationship, we can safely say that in most of them infidelity is a deal-breaker.And there’s good news if you’re dating an otaku: apparently the chance of this problem cropping up is greatly reduced.A boyfriend can also be called an admirer, beau, suitor and sweetheart. Boyfriend and partner mean different things to different people; the distinctions between the terms are subjective.How the term is used will ultimately be determined by personal preference.

“If we’re in a good mood, we might even let you take some of it home.” ▼ Whether he’ll use that sweet speaker setup to play some make-out music when you come over, or the opening theme from (bride)” Now we come to the point where it becomes debatable whether or not the items on the list are actually positives or not.A 2005 study of 115 people ages 21 to 35 who were either living with or had lived with a romantic partner notes that the lack of proper terms often leads to awkward situations, such as someone upset over not being introduced in social situations to avoid the an 'individual of significance' with whom one shares a relationship.Starting around the time of the American Civil War, courtship became a private matter for couples.

In literature, the term is discussed in July 1988 in Neil Bartlett's, Who Was That Man? On pages 108-110, Bartlett quotes from an issue of The Artist and Journal of Home Culture, which refers to Alectryon as "a boyfriend of Mars".

As cultural attitudes continue to evolve in Japan, some groups that have spent decades being socially ostracized are finally seeing the tides turn in their favor.

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