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However, we were delighted to land in Cuba and realize that politics were not at the forefront of people’s minds.A few people mentioned the “attacks”, mostly citing confusion and sadness about the possibility that Americans may have trouble coming to their country again, but they did not speak about the incidents with anger or hatred.Though our families were weary, we didn’t deem the reports substantial enough to derail our trip.As we were getting ready to leave, news reports about the attacks seemed to be everywhere and everyone seemed to be, once again, on edge about Cuba.However, our journey hit another bump in the road, as the U. issued a travel warning for Cuba at the end of September 2017 – a week before we were scheduled to leave.

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American credit cards do not work in Cuba, so it’s very important to bring enough cash for your stay.We had been talking about making the trip to Havana since Obama loosened the regulations in December of 2014, but it wasn’t until Trump began discussing rollbacks of the legislation that we mobilized and booked our flights.As of November 2017, OFAC has published updated sanctions, prohibiting Americans from travelling to Cuba under this individual “people-to-people” license.We also brought a printed itinerary with us, outlining the educational activities we’d be partaking in (although I’ve never heard of anyone asking for this).

We left New York on a Thursday morning for a long weekend in Havana.

It’s best to also visit a bank at home and exchange all the money you want to bring into either Euros or Canadian Dollars.

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