Gridview onrowupdating onrowupdated

Brian"Trust in the Lord and do what is good; dwell in the land and live securely. How to apply ID to each control & find that specific control again to get data from the control? i have problem with my codes & need someone help to fix my codes. User Controls & Java Script Edited by Some New Kid. Hi, I am trying to use a javascript to scroll the text box to the end when ever the page is viewed. I am having trouble trying to convert this into a user control and use it in some other web form. Client ID ".value == '' && "; script = "Form1." tbx B. How to Edit & update & Delete a particular row of Gridview with code in c# & without using SQLData Source Hi Everyone i have to take a gridview and to do the following operation 1)Insert new row in gridview by click on Add New Button in gridview 2)Edit that new row 3)Update that new row 4)Delete That new row how to write code for help thanks & regards rakesh ...control lifecycle & constructor for custom control Hi, I am using master-detail page, and in the detail page I am using custom controls in one of the Content Place Holder.