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What if I am really attracted to him but it turns out we have nothing to talk about? Believe me, there is nothing I'd like better than to say "enough about you!I'm nervous about the social differences and I know that makes me sound like a horrible person. " I've only listened to you for two minutes and I'm getting weary already.What the heck does this handy guy see in you anyway? I think you have the best situation possible right now: He tinkers with your house, and you get to check out his tool belt.

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But believe it or not, I'm the last one to judge another man for not being able to hang a door or install crown molding.I have a situation that makes me sound like a shallow person.I realize you will probably tell me I am being shallow and to get over it, but I don't know, I guess I'm hoping you can offer some other insight too. I have a lot of great friends with similar educational levels and careers.I don't know how many times I've had men apologize to me for being inept at home improvements.

I reassure them that hanging cabinets and repairing termite damage is not supposed to be encoded in their DNA.

In interacting with my clients, who are, in general, not very handy around the house, I've been fascinated to observe the different strands of tension and awkwardness surrounding the process of ceding control of what was considered, not too long ago, to be the birthright and responsibility of a male homeowner.