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Did the object of your affection give you “the look”, or was there simply something in his or her eye?Here it is important to realize that men have a tendency to see interest where it may not exist. ” may be interpreted as “she wants to hook-up.” Building a Healthy Relationship Everyone wants to have a great relationship.First, people may stay because their expectations are too low or they think that they can’t do any better than the current partner.If you have a negative self-view, you’ll tend to seek out others who also see you that way.

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Love is a key ingredient, but it does not mean that you should tolerate disrespectful or abusive behavior.Relationship Abuse Although a majority of relationships don’t experience physical or verbal abuse, the prevalence of dating violence is growing and occurs in approximately 1 out of 3 college relationships.If you or a friend experience relationship abuse, seek help from your campus counseling center.Most importantly, avoid negative forms of communication like criticizing partners, being overly defensive, refusing to talk/shutting them out, or having a lack of respect or contempt.

The research shows that relationships with this type of communication are certain to end.

The bottom line is that abuse should be an automatic deal breaker because relationships should be one of the happiest and most fulfilling parts of your life.

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