Heather graham dating jason silva

She is a very versatile actress and can act in different kind of roles, according to the demand of the story.In a job that demands her to look stunning not only on screen, it might be difficult to do so naturally.After a couple a years, she left her university education to pursue acting full time. Her height is 5 feet 8 inches tall which is about 173 cm tall.A talented and beautiful actress, she has been involved in a romantic affair with several celebrities including musician/ actor Adam Ant, James Woods, Stephen Hopkins, Edward Burns etc.Although the actress claims that the reason behind her charms is regular exercise and healthy habits, we know it is not enough to keep her the way she looks at this age.She definitely has undergone some plastic surgery, although minor.“Heather was aggressivel putting the moves on Jordan, who was lapping it up,” the source tells Star.

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