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Of course it’s a bonus if you find a guy who doesn’t need to be worried about everyday meals.” ^|^ “Not all of the women had been picked by love-hunters.A few, such as Ruby, were there on the prowl themselves.Zeng's mother, who gave only her surname, Niu, rated her daughter's chances of finding love in the city as low, and bemoaned her unwillingness to return to the family's home town."She's got a lot of great qualities, so she has quite high standards," said Niu.Kitty, a performing artist, was selected for the weekend after being approached by a love-hunter at a shopping mall in Shenzhen.“I was very honoured by the invitation,” she says, adding that “the most important thing is to find someone you can identify with spiritually.Now they don’t have time to find a wife, and they don’t know whom to trust. Yang’s boss, Fei Yang, is a smoky-voiced woman in a black leather jacket who used to trade in electronic goods.

At 28, she is considered to be a sheng nu or “leftover woman”, a derogatory term used for unmarried women who are 27 and older. (The other women’s expenses were covered by the male participants.) Still, in a country where women are expected to marry up, taking part at least offered Ruby the chance to meet men who are her financial equals.Another organized a caravan of BMWs for rich businessmen to find young wives in Sichuan Province.Diamond Love, among the largest love-hunting services, sponsored a matchmaking event in 2009 where 21 men each paid a $15,000 entrance fee.It now has six branches, with 200 consultants, 200 full-time love hunters and hundreds more part-time scouts, virtually all of them women.

Teacher Fei, as her employees call her, runs a series of “how to be a better wife” workshops that coach women on the finer points of managing a wealthy household, reading their husbands’ moods and “understanding the importance of sexual relations.” The fee for two, 14-day courses is $16,000.^-^ Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore wrote in The Telegraph, ““I’m single and my family is urging me to get married,” says Ruby, 28, a woman who participated in a Love Island Hainan Island event.

She sought a husband who was responsible and treated her as an equal.

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