Highly sensitive men dating

We receive and process more sensory input than most others do; consequently, we can sometimes find ourselves feeling overwhelmed in contexts that others find routine.We tend to proceed carefully, to get a sense and an understanding of the whole situation, before diving in.

It’s not the sort of response any man ever wants to hear, any time, from anyone, most certainly not from a woman to whom he’s attracted and with whom he’s just taken the supreme risk of showing his vulnerable side.highly sensitive, being who we are in the world, in our relationships, and even with ourselves is often a work in progress. We have deep experiences that we need to process and understand.We need to make time and space for feelings that we may have never learned to experience and express because we were never allowed to do so.I got fairly good at it over time, good enough to survive through adolescence and into young adulthood, but I felt lost most of the time, and I was.

That’s the inevitable price of denying any core element of who we are.

A few years ago, I was attempting to get closer with a woman I liked.